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June 19, 2012


All hail the newt God Salamandrus! He is kind and provides the exquisite harvest of Triturus cristatus when you least expect it, He is vengeful withholding such amphibian bounty for weeks on end whilst attempting to drown you from the above world and He is wise teaching those who follow the newty path of righteousness that ponds and […]

Personal Log: Stardate 65010.3

July 18, 2011


My life as a student is officially over. My MSc thesis has been handed in and now I have a council tax bill to remind me that the hard protective shell of the student status egg  has been passed on to some unknown whippersnapper. I’d like to think that this means more time to frolic […]

Creating Real Estate for our Avain Friends

March 3, 2011


It’s not only humans that are struggling to find property in the economic downturn. Our avian friends are struggling too. Our love of over manicured gardens and woodlands together with making those long awaited home “improvements”, such as fitting new eves, leave little room for birds to establish nesting sites and can destroy ones that […]